How the biggest coaches approach the transfer market

  • Louis Van Gaal: *buys entire new squad, minus defenders*
  • Diego Simeone: I'll take him on loan, & him on loan, & oh yeah, this guy too. *gets into random fight*
  • Carlo Ancelotti: My squad is set, I don't need-- *Perez crashes through glass ceiling* "Hey Carlo, soooo I was out with some chicas & long story short I got us a new striker"
  • Jose Mourinho: Welcome our new player, he's 50, I coached him once 20 years ago.
  • Brendan Rogers: Have you never heard of him & is he under 24? Perfect.
  • Pep Guardiola: Buy a defender? This is just a concept of a small mind, we can all be defenders. Just watch, I will take this forward and convert him to defender.
  • Klopp: Go ahead, take my guys, idgaf, I'll just get new ones, I will never die, thiS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!
  • Arsene Wenger: hmmm...
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: I mean he's not even French...
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: *sighs*
  • Arsene Wenger:
  • Arsene Wenger: Okay, maybe-- *transfer period is closed* oh thank god

I’m gonna go to a corner and hug myself and cry myself to sleep.

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Who needs a team when you have Sergio Ramos?!


ronaldo collects awards so he can fill them with his haters’ tears so he can drink the tears of butthurt people as he reminds himself how fabulous he is whenever he is thirsty.

Cristiano Ronaldo, UEFA Player of the Year 2014 (Part 3/3) | 28-08-14

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You know what? Football hurts. It hurts like hell. You don’t need a f-cking boyfriend to break up with you to feel this pain. You already have your whole f-cking team of players. You can never trust them. They can leave you any minute. And they don’t even care..

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Testing the 1960s Brigitte typewriter that’s just arrived from the US. x


Testing the 1960s Brigitte typewriter that’s just arrived from the US. x

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"Real Madrid fans have to wear sunglasses while watching their team because this star-studded team of diamonds is just astonishing."

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The Bernabeu now has a section named after Sergio Ramos’ incredible goal in the CL final in Lisbon that was vital in Real Madrid’s pursuit of La Decima.

It’s called the “Section of Minute 93”

i’m totally okay right now